Understanding Fourier Approximations & Oscillators

{{!app.status.visualizationPaused? 'pause':'play_arrow'}} {{!app.status.visualizationPaused? 'Pause the visualization':'Play the visualization'}} [SPACE] skip_next Step one frame at a time [S] {{app.status.audioPaused? 'volume_off': 'volume_up'}} {{app.status.audioPaused? 'Hear the wave at a base frequency of 220hz':'Mute'}} [M]
help Show the help modal
Waveform: Change the waveform being approximated
N = {{app.options.evaluation.value}}:  Set the series's maximum evalutation number [LEFT/RIGHT]
 Period: Change how long the wave is and what tone it produces
Use Lanczos σ Factor Reduce the Gibbs Phenomenon (over/under-shooting at discontunities)
Term {{app.options.evaluation.value}} Only Only show/hear the latest term in the series
Overlay Components Show every wave being added together
Original inspiration More about Fourier series More about the Gibbs Phenomenon More about generating the audio
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