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GreenTeamHV.com is the result of multiple hundreds of hours and many iterations of The Green Team’s site. What started out as a small Wordpress site evolved into a massive single-page app that I wrote from the ground up.

I designed the user interface and entire backend by myself, through which, I learned a ton about programming through. I wrote my own MVC framework for php (something I would not do again, but was a great learning process!) complete with my own frontend JS routing library that utilized HTML5’s pushState.


  • Custom Frontend JS library
  • jQuery (with various plugins)
  • Custom PHP MVC Framework
  • MySQL


  • Natural language searching
  • RETS Data Feed syncing (listing data)
  • Google Calendar/Contacts sync
  • Full user management between other services
  • Lead capturing and management
  • Responsive Design

Project Details

Date: Feb 23, 2013

Client: Green Team Home Selling System

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Senior Software Engineer at Google

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